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Dental Radiography in Canton

Dog waiting at Acre Mills Veterinary Clinic waiting to receive dental radiography

Like many other fields, everything’s gone digital. Today, veterinarians use digital dental radiography in pet dentistry. It’s fast, precise and cost efficient. Veterinary dentists can get the right view with high-definition images and develop the film in less time. This means less time for your pet to be under anesthesia. Digital dental radiography allows for a proper evaluation of your pet’s mouth, problems under the gum line, in the jaw and an effective dental cleaning. It allows for the treatment of pet dental issues before they become larger problems. All around, digital dental radiography provided better pet dental care than traditional X-rays.

Most pet dental diseases lie underneath the gums and cannot be seen without radiographs. Radiographs provide a more accurate diagnosis, help in planning the appropriate treatment and can be used to monitor the success of treatment. Digital dental radiographs can be developed in just a few seconds. Plus, the digital X-rays are immediately displayed on a computer monitor and can be manipulation for better views. The bottom line is quality dental care for your pet is dependent on dental radiographs.

Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic: Your Canton Veterinarians

At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, we believe our pet owners and their pets deserve the best in technology. To provide you with high quality pet dental care, our Canton veterinarians utilize digital dental radiography in our practice. We recommend that you bring your four-legged buddy in for a pet dental exam once a year. Keep in mind that most cats and dogs have periodontal disease by the time they are three years of age. This can adversely impede their overall health, as periodontal disease damages the organs. Be sure to bring your pet in for a dental exam when your pet has bleeding when eating, paws at the mouth, has persistent bad breath, displays tartar or plaque buildup, has loose teeth or has decreased appetite.

During a dental cleaning, our trained technicians remove plaque, and our Canton veterinarians will check for gum disease and tooth decay. A protective layer of fluoride is also applied to prevent tartar. We can also remove tooth decay and restore the teeth.

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