Top 5 Senior Cat Care Tips

Top 5 Senior Cat Care Tips From your Canton VeterinarianSenior Cat Care in Canton

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Your cat has been with you through thick and thin for years now. They’re your greatest companion, yet they’re starting to age. At this point in life, your cat is a senior if they’re more than seven years old.

As your cat gets older, their needs change. They may not be as mobile as they once were. You may need to give them a special diet. If you’re not sure what to do, Canton veterinarians can help.

Here are some handy tips for taking care of your senior cat.

1. Make life as easy for your cat as possible.

Your cat may have been a jumper in their prime, but that’s changed. If your pet can’t go far without aches and pains, bring their necessities to them. Move their water and food bowls, litterbox, toys, and bedding.  

2. Older cats still need exercise.

Your cat may have a hard time getting around, but they still need to move their body. Whether you leash them up for a walk or do some light playing with puzzles and toys, these activities help control weight.

3. You may have to adjust your cat’s diet.

Not only are you trying to maintain a healthy weight for your cat, but you want to make sure he or she is getting all the nutrients their older body needs. If your cat has hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, or heart disease, talk to your vet about what kind of diet they require. Otherwise, make sure your cat is getting plenty of proteins, glucosamine, and fatty acids in their food.

4. Watch your cat’s dental health.

Dental health may decline as your cat ages. It’s especially important to keep those pearly whites strong, clean, and healthy. Dental treats or regular brushings with a toothbrush are best.

5. See your vet at least annually.

To make sure your cat is aging as healthfully as possible, you must bring them in for regular checkups. Do this at least every year if not twice a year.

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