Why Use Doggy Day Care?

Why Use Doggy Day Care?

Dogs Love Doggy Day Care

Doggy day care is a relatively new concept born out of a need to provide attention and interaction for dogs while their owners are away at work for long periods throughout the week. The benefits to pets have been so clear that many doggy day care facilities have sprung up in communities across the country. Although doggy day care is not right for all dogs, it can offer real benefits for dogs that enjoy interacting with others of their species.

Doggy Day Care Improves Dogs’ Physical and Mental Health

Attendees at doggy day care receive opportunities to socialize with other dogs, making them less prone to unacceptable behavior. They also receive supervised activity, which helps keep them physically fit, an important consideration in the age of increasing obesity in dogs. Dogs in day care are less prone to boredom and the development of unacceptable habits, such as constant barking when owners are gone, destructive chewing or habitual self-licking that can lead to skin infections. Dogs in day care get a great deal of human interaction with people who truly love animals, which makes them happier animals. In addition, at the end of the day, they are happy to come home and relax with their owners, instead of being demanding of their owners’ time and attention.

Safety Considerations in Doggy Day Care

Before leaving your dog at a doggy day care center, you should visit the facility to get a feel for its operation. Are there sufficient employees present to provide adequate supervision? Are there any safety hazards evident, such as exposed electrical cords or unsecured doorways? Are the animals carefully screened before being accepted into the facility? Are the animals properly immunized against diseases to prevent illness? Do they have procedures in place for smooth intake and release of their charges? Are the dogs properly separated by size and activity level? What procedures do they have in place for emergencies?

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