Why Do Cats Purr?

Why Do Cats Purr?

To a happy cat owner, the sound of a cat purring is one of the most pleasant sounds in the world. Cat purring is a soft, gentle sound that many cats make openly and freely. But what is a purr? How do cats make this sound? And what does it mean? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you understand your cat and know when your cat is happy.

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Early Purring Noises

Cats first purr as kittens with their mother. It's believed that purring is a way for the kitten to signal to the mother that he or she is present and needs attention. Mother cats purr back at their kittens to signal their presence and to help kittens become familiar with all of their sounds. 

Adult Cat Purring

As cats grow up and become more independent from their mothers, they continue to purr when they are happy, content or in the presence of another who makes them feel pleasure. Once a cat becomes attached to an owner or human, cats often purr when being petted or when laying next to their owner.

Adult cat purring is a way to signal that they like what is happening and they want it to continue. Purring noises are made when the cat inhales and exhales. Purring seems to come from the use of internal laryngeal muscles. This is probably why cats who have laryngeal paralysis can't purr at all!

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