How to Protect Your Pet from Heartworm Disease

How to Protect Your Dog or Cat from Heartworm Disease

Preventing parasites in your pet requires a multi-pronged approach thanks to the wide variety of organisms that would otherwise infest it. Your pet can be attacked from outside and within, and each invader brings its own risks of diseases, blood loss, and distress. Some of these diseases and types of distress can affect you and your human family as well.

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What is Heartworm Disease?

This is a disease caused by the presence of heartworms in your pets. The worms live in the heart, lungs, and pulmonary arteries, and these essential parts can be clogged by them. Even when there aren't yet that many invaders, the heart, and lungs work less efficiently and the pet is debilitated. When enough worms build up, the pet will die.

Heartworm treatment for existing disease involves several rounds of medication and may even require the pet to be hospitalized. The worms can't all be eliminated at once or else a fatal clog can develop in the blood vessels. Overall, it can cost over $1,000 to eliminate an infestation.

Because of the cost and difficulty of eliminating an infestation, prevention must be a top priority. Fortunately, all it usually takes to prevent heartworm disease is giving your dog or cat an inexpensive treat-like medicated chew once a month. These medications are flavored so that they are tasty to animals and are readily accepted. There are different ones for cats, dogs, and specific breeds of dogs. Since they need a vet's prescription to obtain, you don't have to worry about which ones to get.

Other Parasites

Many other parasites will also see your pet as their home and meal ticket if they are allowed to. Roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, fleas, ticks, and more are all looking for a free ride. Because of this, modern veterinary parasite medications typically cover multiple species of pests. Flea and tick prevention medications, for example, usually prevent many kinds of worms as well. The same is true of heartworm preventives.

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