Dog Oral Health

A doctor cheking a dogs teeth

Dog Oral Health

A puppy’s baby teeth are usually all visible by eight weeks of age. Even though the baby teeth will fall out between four and six months, teeth cleaning should begin immediately. Pet dental care should begin with a toothbrush and toothpaste made for dogs.

Teeth Cleaning

It will likely take time for your dog to grow accustomed to the teeth cleaning process. Begin by simply rubbing your dog’s gums. Place flavored toothpaste on your finger and allow your dog to lick it. Rewards and praise are necessary to make the teeth cleaning process easier as a puppy grows into an adult dog.  Your puppy should be comfortable with the brush and the toothpaste and be rewarded for their good behavior. Between four and six months, your puppy’s permanent teeth will have grown in. Cleaning adult teeth is even more important, and you may want to consult our veterinarian about pet dental care.

Pet Dental Problems to Look Out For

Pet owners who notice problems with their dog’s teeth can count on our office to take care of the problem. If a permanent tooth comes in beside a baby tooth, the baby tooth could push the permanent tooth out of alignment. This could cause several issues including pain and early periodontal disease.

Other problems can arise if a dog’s teeth are not cleaned regularly. As dogs grow older, plaque can build up and cause infection which can be fatal if left untreated. Dog oral care is important and should begin as early as six weeks.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Canton, GA 

If you are unsure of how to care for your pet’s dental health, schedule a pet exam at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic. Our veterinarian will assess your dog’s dental health and advise you on improving and maintaining it. For more information on teeth cleaning or to schedule an appointment, call us at (770) 479-1905.



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