When To Bring Your Pet In For Grooming

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When To Bring Your Pet In For Grooming

Are you wondering when to bring your cat or dog in for grooming? Regular grooming appointments are important for animals and can help ensure they enjoy healthy fur. Regular grooming can prevent fur from getting tangled and may reduce the number of furballs floating around your home. Nail trimmings are also important for dogs and cats. Contact Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, GA, for your pet grooming needs!

How Often Does Your Pet Need to Be Groomed?

When it comes to puppies, you generally want to wait until at least 8 weeks before taking your puppy to the groomer. If there is a potential issue, such as hair falling out rapidly or bald spots, contact our veterinarians right away.

Generally speaking, long-haired dogs require more frequent grooming than short-haired pets. It is smart to take your pet in for grooming as the seasons change. As winter turns to spring, your pet may shed a lot of fur. Help your pet by cooling it off with a trip to the groomer to remove excess fur.

Some pet owners prefer to take their dog or cat into the groomer once a month. This helps ensure that your pet’s fur is in top shape and you can also get your pet’s nails trimmed. Even well-behaved animals can accidentally scratch family members. A monthly nail trimming can protect your furniture and family.

If your pet’s hair is clumping into knots, take your pet in for grooming right away. A groomer can untangle and prevent further knots from forming. If your pet’s nails are painfully sharp, hair seems to be falling out more than normal, or you notice any other potential red flags, contact one of our veterinarians right away.

Pet Grooming in Canton, GA

As for dog grooming at home, it is smart to brush most dogs once or twice each week. Different dog breeds have different needs, so ask our vet for advice. One or two brushings per week are also recommended for most cats, but again, feel free to ask our vet about your specific animal. Does your cat or dog need to be groomed? Call Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic today at 770-479-1905 to schedule a grooming appointment.


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