What To Expect When Getting Your Dog Groomed

What To Expect When Getting Your Dog Groomed

Is it time to get your dog or other pet groomed? Regular grooming appointments help ensure good health and the right professional groomers can also keep an eye out for potential medical problems, such as ear infections. Bring your pet to Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic for a grooming appointment and nail trim.

What the Typical Dog Grooming Session Looks Like

First, our professional groomer or veterinarian will take a moment to get to know your dog and build trust. A few well-placed pats on the head, and calling the dog by his or her name helps establish a bond. From there, the groomer will typically give the dog a look over, noting any potential problems. We will also ask you a few questions and allow you to raise any concerns you may have about your pet.

From there, it is time to get grooming. Our groomer will begin by brushing the fur and check the fur’s health. If there are clumps or other issues, our vet will address them. Our groomer may also provide updates for the season, and offer suggestions, such as bathing your pet more often or using a different shampoo or whatever else that may help your pet.

Grooming may also involve a bath. A thorough bath with special shampoo may be just what your dog needs. Nail trimming is another important part of the grooming process for dogs and other pets. Nail and paw health is very important for dogs.

The groomer will also clean your pet’s ears. If there are any signs of an infection, we will let you know and our veterinarian can create an appropriate treatment plan. Many dogs suffer from frequent ear infections. Grooming allows a professional to keep an eye on your dog’s ears to ensure your pet stays healthy all year round.

Pet Grooming in Canton, GA

Each grooming experience is different and some groomers have a different process. At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, we take the time to properly care for your dog, cat, or other pet. Call us today at 770-479-1905 to schedule a grooming appointment.


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