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Taking measures to keep your pets healthy and active through preventative care, proper exercise and nutrition management is a key part of protecting a pet. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries may happen at the most unexpected times. In certain situations, surgical procedures are a necessary part of keeping a dog or cat in good health. At Acres Mill Veterinary Hospital, our Canton, GA veterinarian offers surgical procedures to help your pet in an emergency or as part of preventative care.

What is Pet Surgery?

As the name implies, pet surgery refers to any surgical procedure used to keep your pets healthy. It may refer to an emergency surgery after an accident or it may relate to spaying and neutering a pet. At our clinic, we offer spaying, neutering and orthopedic care. We evaluate the needs of your pet and then provide appropriate solutions based on their situation and the concerns you want to address. We also take appropriate measures to keep your pet healthy in an emergency situation.

Why Consider Surgery?

At our clinic, we offer orthopedic care and surgical procedures to address emergencies and injuries. The treatments help when a pet is injured and may need surgery to correct the injury. For example, if a dog breaks a bone, then surgical procedures may be necessary to set the bone in certain situations. In particular, we help when injuries cause severe pain, broken bones and cuts to a pet's body.

In the case of spaying or neutering a pet, the reasons vary based on the age of your pet and their situation. We usually recommend spaying or neutering at a young age to prevent health complications, certain forms of cancer and unwanted behaviors. In male pets, it may reduce the risk of roaming or aggressive behaviors when pets a neutered at a young age. In female pets, you want to consider the procedure before the first heat cycle to prevent unwanted behaviors when a pet goes into heat. 

When to Consider Pet Surgery

Our veterinarian offers surgical procedures for your pet based on their health and situation. We may recommend the procedure to encourage proper healing after an injury or to prevent certain health concerns from developing. Generally, we suggest surgical treatments as a last solution when other treatments are not an option or when an emergency occurs. We also suggest spaying or neutering to prevent health complications if you do not intend to breed a dog or cat. 

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Keeping your pets healthy and active throughout their life may require surgical procedures. Depending on the needs of your pet and the situation, our Canton, GA veterinarian can recommend different solutions to address an emergency. For more details about different treatment options for your pets or to set up an appointment to spay or neuter a young pet, call us at (770) 479-1905.


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