Pet Dentistry

Canton Pet Dental Care For Healthy Teeth And Gums

Routine and restorative dental care is an important part of keeping your pet healthy and happy throughout life. Your pet's teeth and gums require regular cleanings to eliminate plaque and decay, which could lead to tooth loss. At Acres Mill Animal Hospital, we provide ongoing preventative care to help keep oral problems at bay. If decay or disease processes damage the teeth and gums, we can provide your pet with restorative care to repair those structures and restore oral health.

Signs of Dental Problems In Pets

dog with toothbrushTooth decay and gum disease do not cause many symptoms in their earliest stages. You can often spot the development of plaque deposits, tooth decay and gum damage during daily brushing sessions. Decay between teeth or below the gum line may remain out of sight and start to cause symptoms. Pets facing these oral health care problems may exhibit pain while eating, inability to chew or swallow hard food, and bleeding or sore gum tissue. As the problem progresses, your pet may even refuse to eat and become listless or fatigued.

Pet Dentistry Procedure Overview

Even with regular home cleanings, some pets are susceptible to developing tooth decay or gum disease. Professional pet dental care can add another layer of protection against these problems and treat issues in need of restoration.

Preventative Oral Care

To keep plaque from penetrating the enamel layer, you can bring your pet into the clinic for tooth cleanings on a regular schedule. The technician will chip away plaque and other deposits between the teeth and along the gum line. During the cleaning session, your vet checks for signs of deep decay or gum disease. If all is well, the vet coats each tooth in a protective layer of fluoride to keep tartar from depositing on the surface.

Tooth and Gum Restoration

If the initial examination reveals tooth damage, your vet can perform restorative care to remove the decay and rebuild the tooth. The procedure is often performed with the pet under anesthesia to keep him or her comfortable throughout the visit. For pets with gum disease, vets may need to perform a deep cleaning, which includes removal of plaque deep in the gum pockets. Your pet's gums should start to regenerate after the plaque removal process renews blood flow and facilitates attachment to the root of the tooth.  

Scheduling Pet Dental Care Appointments

If your pet requires routine dental care, or exhibits classic signs of an oral health problem, make an appointment at our clinic, Acres Mill Animal Hospital. Your pet will receive a full dental exam to diagnose developing problems and a vet will create a comprehensive treatment plan. During the appointment, your vet will help you perfect your tooth and gum cleaning techniques. You may also receive information about toys and treats that can help keep oral health problems from developing or progressing. Before you leave the clinic, schedule the next appointment to establish an oral care routine.


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