Diagnostic Services

diagnostic servicesDiagnostic Services Provided by Canton Veterinarian

You can tell when your pet is “under-the-weather," but unless there’s an obvious injury, you usually can’t tell what is wrong. That’s where Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, your Canton veterinarian, comes in. We have the most modern diagnostic capabilities available today. When something is wrong with your pet, we’ll find out what it is.

Our Diagnostic Tools

To ensure our patients get the best care anywhere, we have invested in the very best technology and equipment. Right here in our clinic we have digital radiology and imaging as well as a complete, cutting-edge lab for both routine and diagnostic blood work.

Digital Radiography and Imaging

Much more effective than traditional x-rays, our digital radiography and imaging equipment delivers superior quality images that are easy to enlarge, brighten or otherwise clarify to give accurate views of health problems affecting your pet. These images are also stored digitally making them easy to access for future referral, therefore saving time in the diagnostic process. We take radiographs anytime your pet might be scheduled for surgery, as an aid in dental work, and to assess internal damage should your pet be injured.

In-house Lab

With our own in-house laboratory, we are able to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to get results and give you your pet’s diagnosis. We perform urinalysis, full blood chemistry analysis, and ear/skin cytology analysis, which looks for disease on the cellular level. Our Canton veterinarian always performs pre-operative testing and specialized diagnostic tests as well as parasite detection.

The Blood Chemistry Panel

wellness exams

One of the most valuable diagnostic tools is the full blood chemistry analysis. We recommend running this blood test during your pet’s annual wellness exam as it will detect any brewing illnesses or abnormalities. We think of this test as showing a “snapshot” or your pet’s internal health, which allows us to treat any hidden issues quickly. For example, a high red blood cell count may mean your pet is dehydrated while a high white blood cell count can indicate diseases such as cancer. On the other hand, a low white blood cell count usually indicates the pet has an infection.

Diagnosing Older Pets

As pets age, their bodies start to break down, making them susceptible to infections and other internal problems. The blood chemistry panel helps us find problems with pets’ gall bladder, pancreas, kidneys and liver. When we diagnose such a problem, we can treat and make your pet more comfortable.

When your pet has a health problem, your Canton veterinarian provides compassionate care and fast and accurate diagnostic results. Put your pet in our hands for the best veterinary care in Canton. Call us now for an appointment


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