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Posted on 03-09-2017

The Truth About Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Services

Dog dental cleaning with toothbrush

At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, our Canton veterinarian team is proud to offer pet dental services for cats and dogs. We stand firmly behind our belief in using anesthesia during teeth and gum cleanings. Why? Because using anesthesia during pet dental care is better for your pet and better for you! Read on to learn more. 

Problems With Anesthesia Free Pet Dental Services

Our number priority during any veterinary procedure is to ensure that your pet remains as calm and as comfortable as possible. This just isn't possible with anesthesia free pet dental care (sometimes referred to as No Anesthesia Dentistry), which requires your animal to be restrained. The combination of restraints, bright lights, odd noises, and unfamiliar people can be extremely stressful and scary for your pet if it is not anesthetized.  

Additionally, pet dental procedures, including scaling (cleaning the teeth of visible tartar), can be quite painful for your animal if it is not properly sedated. 

Pet dental exams performed without anesthesia just aren't as thorough as those done with anesthesia. Veterinarians are not able to clean below the gumline where a lot of tartar can build up and contribute to periodontal disease, tooth infections, and systemic infections elsewhere in the body (by bacteria from teeth leeching into the bloodstream). This is especially problematic when you consider that periodontal disease often doesn't show any visible signs or symptoms in the early stages since it often begins in a pet's mouth hidden below the gums.

Pets that are not sedated are not able to stay still, which prevents veterinarians from being able to take x-rays and perform a full inspection of the oral cavity. 

The bottom line is that in our professional opinion (which is shared by thousands of veterinarians and professional pet dental organizations), the benefits of using anesthesia during your pet's dental procedure far outweighs the small amount of risk.

Why Anesthesia Helps Our Pet Patients During Dental Care

We find that using anesthesia is: 

Better for your pet - Because it helps keep your pet as calm, comfortable, and pain-free as possible

Better for our vet team - Because it keeps us safer and allows us to better perform our job

Better for you - Because by allowing us to more thoroughly inspect/clean your animal's teeth and gums, you will save money in the long run by helping to prevent chronic dental diseases (not to mention save you the stress and heartache of watching your animal suffer from a preventable illness!) 

Our Canton veterinarian team does everything in our power to minimize the chances of adverse effects or reactions for your pet. We have highly trained staff members on hand to carefully monitor your pet throughout the entire dental procedure, plus we will give you all the tips and information needed both before and after your pet's dental care to maximize your animal's safety. 

Is your animal companion due for a pet dental cleaning?

Call Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic today at 770-479-1905 to schedule an appointment with our Canton veterinarian team.

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