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Posted on 04-07-2016

Tips for Senior Pet Grooming

Dog wearing a beauty mask for grooming at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic

Caring for your pet involves regular grooming. As your pet becomes older, this can be more of a challenge, especially if your dog or cat has health issues. Keep the following advice on senior pet grooming in mind.

Grooming Advice from Our Canton Veterinarian

Our Canton veterinarian at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic wants your pets to stay happy and healthy as they age. As pets get older, they might have more trouble keeping themselves clean. For example, cats might not be as flexible as they get older due to arthritis or other health issues, making it harder to lick their fur clean. Pets are also more prone to developing skin problems as they age, since their skin tends to become either drier or oilier. It’s also common for their skin and fur to become thinner.

When grooming your senior pet, make sure you keep them as clean as possible to lower the risk of skin infections. You can also reduce the risk of infections by trimming their nails on a regular basis, so they won’t cut their skin open while scratching. Consider keeping your pet’s coat shorter if they typically have long fur or hair. Since senior pets have difficulty grooming themselves, shorter coats make it a little easier for them stay clean and free of mats and tangles.

 Grooming your elderly pet also gives you a good chance to catch early signs of health problems. As you groom your older pet, watch for signs of potential health issues, such as pressure sores or lumps. If you do notice any of these, make an appointment with our Canton veterinary clinic to have your pet checked. 

Contact Our Canton Veterinary Clinic for Pet Grooming Services

If you need help with your senior pet, we offer grooming services that include baths and brushing. Contact Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic at 770-479-1905 to make a grooming appointment.

Do you have any questions about grooming your senior pet?

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