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Posted on 02-29-2016

Canton Veterinarian Discusses Dental Radiographs for Your Pet

dog in vet for Dental Radiographs in Canton, GA

Dental radiographs, otherwise known as dental x-rays, are most important diagnostic tools for veterinarians. These imaging tests help veterinary dental professionals to view the internal anatomy of your pet’s teeth, including the roots and the bone invisible to the naked eye.

Our dental veterinarian performs dental radiography by placing small radiographic films or digital sensors inside your pet’s mouth. To ensure clear images and a positive experience for your pet, we administer anesthesia or sedation to help your pet relax.

Digital radiographs provide superior quality images of individual teeth or sections of jaw compared with standard x-rays.

Reasons for Pet Dental Radiography

There are many reasons our veterinarian may recommend pet dental radiography. Our veterinary dentist might want to look for signs of disease hiding below the gum line or inside your pet’s teeth. These tests are helpful when evaluate an area where a tooth appears to be missing. Pet dental radiography is also helpful in documenting the progression of a tooth or gum disease. Dental radiographs help our veterinarians confirm proper extraction of a tooth. We can even use the test to determine if show dogs have the proper number of teeth.

Our veterinarian may recommend ‘full-mouth-radiographs’ to create images of all your pet’s teeth, as pets with one dental problem tend to have additional oral issues that become apparent only with full-mouth radiographs. Full-mouth radiographs also establish a baseline our veterinarians can use for future comparison.

Dental radiographs cause minimal radiation risk to your four-legged friend. The digital form of these dental x-rays significantly reduces radiation exposure for both your pet and for our veterinary staff.

Veterinary dental specialists undergo special training in performing dental radiography and interpreting the images they see in the digital images. To learn more about dental radiographs for your pet, make an appointment with our Canton veterinarian at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic. Call 770-479-1905 today.

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