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Posted on 01-25-2016

Five Ways to Keep Your Dog Young

Similar to people, it isn't good for dogs to lead boring, couch-potato lives. To stay youthful in spirit and body, they need physical and mental stimulation in addition to a healthy diet and regular medical care.

At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, we're always glad to share ideas about how to help your pet feel healthy and happy. Here are five ideas for keeping your dog frisky.

Tips from Our Canton Veterinarian

man playing with his dog at the beach

  1. Control Weight & Diet

A dog that is overweight is more likely to suffer from preventable health problems, including diabetes, liver ailments and joint pain. Being overweight usually shortens a dog's life.

Ask your veterinarian for advice about dietary changes to aid weight loss. One idea is to offer activity treats -- like a game of fetch or tag -- instead of food as a reward.

  1. Go for Daily Walks & Set Play Dates

Exercise is important for physical and mental well-being. Daily walks or runs help to control weight and stimulate a dog's senses. You can also arrange play dates and buddy trips to the local dog park with other friendly dogs in the neighborhood.

  1. Provide New Experiences

When walking with your pet, vary the route or visit a park. This is one small way of providing mental stimulation of new experiences. 

Dogs also enjoy the attention they receive when learning new skills. For example, sign up for behavior training or lessons to become a pet-therapy dog. Or teach your dog tricks, such as retrieving the newspaper. Dogs enjoy having a job.

  1. Choose a Canine Sport

Participation in a canine sport can also make a dog feel purposeful, especially if the activity matches the breed. Beagles may enjoy search-and-rescue work but not dock diving.

  1. Visit Your Canton Veterinarians

Regular veterinary checkups identify potential health problems before they become major problems. It is difficult for a dog to act youthful if s/he is not feeling well.

Please contact us to set an appointment or for any other veterinarian advice you may have. Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic helps dogs stay young by helping them stay healthy.

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