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Posted on 10-13-2015

Boo! Top 5 Halloween Hazards for Your Pets

Halloween PugYou might think of your pets as furry members of your family, but that doesn't mean you should include them in every holiday celebration. Some Halloween traditions are pet friendly, but others can make your pet uncomfortable or even downright sick. Common sense will prevent most of the problems, but check with our office if you have any questions on pet safety during this spooky holiday.

5 Worst Holiday Pet Problems from Your Canton Veterinary Hospital

  1. Holiday Decorations  Plastic pumpkins shouldn't be a problem (unless you've got a puppy that chews on everything) but lit candles on the coffee table can be a danger to larger dogs with sweeping tails. Your lab's happy wags can turn into a disaster in seconds. Put the candles up where pets can't reach them.
  2. Costumes  Some pets are fine with dressing up, while others can't wait to get out of those outfits. We know you think your fuzzy friend looks adorable in a Halloween costume, but go with your pet's reactions on this one. If it chews on the fabric or constantly rubs to remove a hat, think about just going with a light-up collar or other less-intrusive holiday item.
  3. Chocolate  Children love to get chocolate in their trick-or-treat bags, but if your dog gets into the bag it can create a quick trip to the veterinarian's office. Chocolate is poison to dogs, and it can make them very sick. It can even be fatal in some cases.
  4. Candy Wrappers Your little ghosts and goblins might want to tear through their loot, but keep an eye out for stray candy wrappers. Some pets will eat anything lying on the floor, and the cellophane and foil in most candy wrappers can cause a dangerous bowel obstruction.
  5. Open Doors  You’ll be opening the door multiple times during the trick-or-treating hours. Unless your dog is extremely well behaved and calm, it can be too much of a temptation to run out the door into the neighborhood. Put your pet into a closed room for safety. Give them food and water, along with a favorite toys, to keep them secure until the festivities are over.

How are you planning to celebrate Halloween? 

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