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Posted on 05-26-2015

Flea and Tick Prevention for Your Pet

The weather is getting warm and if flea and tick prevention hasn’t already started for your pets, you need to stop in and see us!

These irritating pests cause problems for your pet, yourself and your home. When fleas or ticks attach themselves to your pet, they typically cause itching and even disease. The pests can then infest your home, biting you and making the problem last longer than just a topical flea treatment for your pet. We highly encourage pet owners to start preventing for fleas and ticks early, continuing treatments throughout the year.

Providing Your Pet with an FDA-Approved Solution

We believe that your pet deserves a safe solution that really prevents pests. Pills can be difficult to get your pet to swallow. Skin drops are annoying if you forget a dosage and not convenient if you have to work them around baths. Collars give off a smell and can cause skin irritation. We are now proud to recommend Bravecto for your pet, the first FDA-approved oral soft chew. This provides a tested solution that is not messy and can’t fall off.

The tablet is only administered every 12 weeks, keeping your pet protected from the insects that can harm him. Within two hours of indigestion, Bravecto starts killing fleas that are already living on your pet, making it a fast solution if you are already facing a problem.

How to Avoid Ticks and Fleas?

Ticks and fleas live outside and target warm-blooded animals with fur, like your cat or dog. Squirrels and other neighborhood pets can often be carriers of fleas, creating an outdoor infestation that can be difficult to fight. While many pet owners want to take a cheaper route to treatment, we believe flea and tick prevention should be done right the first time to avoid the hassle of infestation, the danger of a poorly made medication and the waste of needing to purchase more than one treatment if a weaker version fails.

Come in today and get your pet set up with a flea and tick oral prevention tablet to make your summer safe and enjoyable! Schedule your next appointment with us soon to find out more about your pet’s summer health and safety. What will you be doing with your pet this summer?

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