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Posted on 04-01-2015

Always Stay Up To Date on Grooming

Pet grooming is about more than just having a beautiful pet – good grooming habits are also essential to the health and well-being of your cat or dog. Grooming can help you care for your pet before any problems pop up.

Grooming keeps your pet looking good and helps keep your pet in top physical condition. Best of all, your pet will love grooming. Imagine spending a week with your hair in a rubber band that is too tight – that is what your pet feels when his fur is matted. Grooming releases tangled and matted hair, leaving your pet feeling comfortable.

Why Regular Grooming is Essential

Regular grooming including brushing is essential, even if your pet has short hair. Regular brushing reduces the hairballs that cats vomit or eliminate in the litter box. Hairballs are not just a nuisance – they can also cause stomach intestinal blockages. While hairballs are not as big an issue, they can occur in dogs.

Grooming should include a quick check to ensure your pet’s eyes are clear, shiny and moist-looking, and free from redness, irritation or cloudiness. Grooming should also include a check of your pet’s ears, which should be free from odors, redness, and inflammation.

Pets benefit from nail care provided during grooming. Cats and indoor dogs usually need nail trimming. Long nails, including those on the dewclaws, can grow into skin and toe pads to cause pain and infection. Professional groomers can trim nails without danger of cutting the quick, which can result in pain and bleeding.

Grooming may also include teeth brushing, which improves an animal’s health. Brushing a pet’s teeth also provides an excellent opportunity to determine whether a pet is developing a dental problem.

Pet grooming takes time but is essential to the health and well-being of your cat or dog. Whether your pet is a dog or a cat, young or old, in good health or frail, pet grooming is one of the easiest and best ways to care for your animal companion.  

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