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Posted on 08-19-2014

Pest Control Advice from Our Veterinarians in Canton

You may already know that flea and tick activity tends to peak during the summer months -- but did you know that these dangerous pests can pose a year-round threat to your beloved animal, even during the colder months? Owners should never slack off on preventative care just because the temperature drops. Here at Acres Mill Animal Hospital, we can help you maintain that necessary protection for your pet.

Fleas, ticks and worms can all remain surprisingly busy after summer fades. While ticks generally go on the rampage during the spring, deer tick activity actually reaches its height in October and November, as the eggs hatched in the summer mature. (Half of all deer ticks carry the dreaded Lyme disease spirochete.) Fleas may tend to disappear from your yard during the colder months -- but as long as your home is warm, they have a potential incubation site where they can continue to plague your pet. As for heartworms, the relatively warm Georgia winters do nothing to kill them off, making them an ongoing threat.

Bravecto for Flea and Tick Prevention

Pest control in the home matters all year round. Keep vacuuming your carpets, upholstery and pet bedding on a regular basis to get those eggs out of the nice, warm environment of your home. Bathe your pet and/or schedule periodic grooming sessions to wash potential troublemakers away. But make sure you also arrange for ongoing preventative medications to protect your friend from flea, tick and heartworm infestations.

Acres Mill Animal Hospital is making flea and tick prevention easier by offering Bravecto, a chewable medication that protects dogs for up to 12 weeks at a time, for just $49.99. Get it from our clinic, or order from our online store. We can also protect against worms and other unwanted guests. Do your pet a favor this winter -- introduce him to our veterinarians in Canton!

What methods do you use to remove fleas and ticks from your home? Tell us!

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