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Posted on 07-08-2014

Pet Dental Care Begins With You

If you have never even considered brushing your pet's teeth, you are missing out on an important step in your beloved animal's dental health and wellness. But even if you do brush his teeth, do you know whether you are doing it correctly? Here at Acres Mill Animal Hospital, we want to help owners help their pets enjoy healthier teeth and gums even between regularly scheduled checkups and cleanings. Brushing your pet's teeth properly and regularly can make a huge difference.

First you will need right tools. You can use either a specialized brush made for dogs or cats, an extra-soft baby's toothbrush, or simple gauze wrapped over your finger. Do not try to use toothpaste made for humans -- it might make your pet sick, especially since animals tend to swallow the toothpaste. Pet shops offer toothpastes made just for animals in flavors that appeal to them.

To get your pet acquainted with the routine, begin simply by rubbing his gums with the toothpaste. If he likes the flavor, he may be happy to graduate to a brush. Brush the outer surfaces of teeth gently, using little circles to sweep away plaque before it can harden into tartar. Small breeds with tiny, crowded teeth may require daily tooth brushing, but even larger breeds should have a few brushings each week.

Dental Care from Our Veterinarian in Canton

Brushing offers more than just teeth cleaning. In addition to the dental hygiene and extra bonding time between you and your pet, brushing sessions provide a natural opportunity to inspect your animal's mouth for signs of disease. If you do see (or smell) anything unusual, contact our veterinarian in Canton to schedule pet dental care. Also, keep in mind that brushing is a supplement to professional cleanings, not a substitute for them. Schedule your pet's next cleaning with us, and ask us any questions you may still have about how to brush your pet's teeth!

Have your brushed your pet's teeth before? Tell us about the experience!

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