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Posted on 07-19-2013

Dog Park Dangers in Canton

avoid dog park dangers in Canton with Arces Mill Vet ClinicWith summer now in full swing, many people are simply getting outdoors more often. Pets going for long walks or hikes, or taken to dog parks also increases during the summer. Your local Canton veterinarians, at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, warn pet owners of the potential dangers of dog parks.




Tips from Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic to Avoid Dog Park Dangers

Every dog loves a good romp in the park with other fellow canine friends. What some pet owners do not realize is that dog parks can present real dangers for pets if pet parents are not careful. Below, Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic offers a few tips on how to keep your pet safe at dog parks.

Leash or no leash: If your dog has trouble listening, make sure to keep them on their leash. Dogs that do not listen to owners can cause trouble for other off-leash, as well as leashed dogs. Our Canton vets caution pet parents to bring any form of treats or food with them as training aides for listening, as food will attract other dogs and could potentially start fights if food aggressive dogs are present.

Dirty Water: Our Acres Mill Veterinarians warn that dog parks can put a dogs’ pet wellness at risk. Dirty water can be a breeding ground for several diseases. The most common parasite dogs can pick up from drinking dirty water is giardia. Our veterinary clinic recommends pet owners bring their own water and water bowls to protect their pets.  

Aggression: If you feel any dog at the dog park could poses a threat to your dog, due to aggression, our veterinarians at Acres Mill, recommend that pet parents simple leave. It is better to put your pets care first then risk your dog getting into a fight or getting attacked.

Our veterinarians and staff at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic are always available to answer questions and concerns about dog park dangers or any other veterinary or pet care questions.

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