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Posted on 06-25-2013

Do Not Feed: Human Foods That are Dangerous for Pets

dangerous food for pets canton acres mill vetWhile it is tempting to offer your pet table scrapes from time to time, some food is poisonous for pets to consume. Our veterinary team at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, Georgia, is committed to keeping your pet healthy and safe. That means not giving your pet dangerous human food that can make them sick.

Types of Dangerous Human Food for Pets

While most know that foods, such as chocolate, candy, coffee and beer, should not be given to pets; there are others that are also dangerous to pets that might surprise you. Our Canton veterinarians point out that a number of fruits and vegetables are poisonous for pets, such as avocados. Avocados contain persin, a chemical that causes heart damage as well as vomiting and diarrhea in dogs and cats.

Our team at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic in Canton, also strongly advise against giving your pets onions or any member of the onion family, such as garlic. Onions are more dangerous for cats than they are for dogs. Eating a large amount of onions over a lifetime can cause red blood cell damage, anemia, and digestive problems.

Certain nuts are also bad news for pets, according to our Canton veterinarians. Macadamia nuts and walnuts are the most dangerous, particularly for dogs. After eating nuts, some dogs have trouble standing, an increased body temperature and vomiting. Without treatment, your pet may suffer from kidney failure.

Dangerous Sweet Treats

Certain sweets can be deadly for pets. Chocolate contains methylxanthine, which can lead to vomiting, abnormal heartbeat and seizures if ingested in large enough quantities. Too much methylxanthine can cause death in some pets. Xylitol, a sugar alcohol found in sugar-free treats, is also dangerous for pets. The sugar alcohol causes a pet's blood sugar to drop, which can lead to vomiting, liver failure and seizures. It can be fatal if a pet is not treated right away.

Do you avoid feeding your pet human food?

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