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Posted on 06-03-2013

What Is Sentinel and Why Does Your Pet Need It?

Parasite Protection: A Critical Aspect of Pet Wellness

prevention for pet wellness in CantonParasites are an unfortunate fact of life for animals. Some varieties may be present in your pet from birth, while others can hop a ride and cause serious health problems at any time during his life. You must provide your pet with effective parasite protection. That is why we at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic prescribe Sentinel parasite protection for your pets.

Sentinel is a remarkably versatile and powerful medication that comes in chewable "Flavor Tabs." Its active ingredient, milbemycin oxime/lufenuron, protects pets -- even dogs exceeding 100 pounds -- against the following potentially deadly threats:

Heartworms - These spaghetti-like worms invade as larvae and attach the cardiopulmonary system, slowly destroying your pet's heart and lungs over a period of years. Your pet may not even show symptoms of this parasite until his health is seriously undermined.

Fleas - Fleas not only suck your pet's blood, but they also cause dermatitis (skin irritation) and can spread deadly diseases, including bubonic plague. To make matters worse, they will happily leap from pets onto humans.

Roundworms - Animals may "inherit" roundworm infestations from their mothers, or they may get them through exposure to contaminated animals or substances. Roundworms cause serious health issues in humans and pets alike.

Hookworms - Hookworms invade the digestive system, causing pain and gastrointestinal problems. These worms can pass out of the animal and infest humans who tread on them unwittingly.

Whipworms - Technically a form of roundworm, whipworms also cause digestive havoc and are especially prevalent in warm, humid parts of the world.

A Simple Treatment Regimen for a Lifetime of Prevention

Once we prescribe Sentinel for your pet (it is only available through veterinarians), all you have to do is remember to feed the Flavor Tabs to your pet once a month like clockwork. Pick a particular date to help you remember, and catch up on a missed dosage immediately. We want to save your pet from worms!

Has your pet ever had worms? What kind of treatment did he have to undergo?


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