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Posted on 05-16-2013

Grooming for Cleaner, Healthier Pets 

Canton pet grooming for health and hygieneDid you know that regular veterinary grooming can improve your pet's health? Here are some of the reasons why:

Detection of skin problems - When we are combing the tangles out of your pet's hair or giving him a bath, we have an opportunity to look at the skin for signs of dermatitis caused by allergies, parasites or disease. We can then isolate the cause and recommend treatment. Washing oils and dead cells away from the skin surface also discourages bacterial growth.

Ear health - Grooming sessions let us look inside your pet's ears for signs of mites or infections. Ear mites are tiny creatures that can cause itching and other problems, while a severe bacterial infection can damage your pet's hearing if it is not detected and dealt with.

Neatly trimmed toenails - Indoor pets get little chance to wear their nails down naturally, so the nails tend to grow and grow until they become prone to breakage or pull away from the cuticle -- a painful situation that may lead to infected paws. Trimming a pet's nails is not necessarily easy, but our trained team can perform this task efficiently and safely.

Anal gland expression - Cats and dogs have anal glands that they use to mark their territory. When these glands become compacted, infection, abscesses and even ruptures can result. We can express blocked glands so these complications can be avoided.

A great-looking, pleasant-smelling pet - We cannot leave out this most obvious of benefits. A clean, well-groomed pet will enjoy not having to scratch constantly or pull his toenails out of the carpeting, while you and your family will enjoy his company that much more. 

Rely On Us for Grooming and Other Pet Services

Let us groom your pet as one of the many healthy pet services at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic. We always have your furry friend's well-being in mind!

How often do you groom your pet? 

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