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Posted on 05-08-2013

Pet Dental Care Tips from Our Canton Veterinary Hospital

pet dental care in CantonHere at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic we want to help pet owners keep their pet's teeth and gums healthy. Let us look at some easy dental but essential hygiene practices.

Caring for pet's teeth starts with the choice of food you give him. Wet food can get lodged in and around teeth and gums. Mixed with saliva, these food particles can form plaque, which acts as a feeding ground for destructive bacteria. Nylon chew toys can help get rid of some of this plaque buildup, but switching your pet to a diet of dry food is an even more effective way of fighting tooth decay and gum disease. Some products are even specially designed to help scrub teeth free of plaque. We can help you make the right choices for your pet's dental hygiene by recommending the right dry food for his needs. 

You should also learn how to brush your pet's teeth. You should be able to get him used to the notion by rubbing some pet-formulated toothpaste on his mouth with your finger. Once he realizes that the pet toothpaste tastes like beef, chicken or another favorite, he will welcome regular brushings! You can buy pet toothpaste at most pet stores; you can also get a specially-designed pet toothbrush for less than $10. One brushing per week is sufficient unless your pet has a dental problem, in which case you should brush his teeth every other day.

Rely On Us for Dental Evaluations and Other Pet Services

Last but certainly not least, you must schedule annual dental examinations and cleanings for your pet. No matter how rigorously you brush his teeth, only a professional cleaning can attack the most stubborn plaque. We can also check the mouth for possible cancers or gum disease and prescribe treatment as needed. Our Canton veterinary hospital is happy to be your resource for pet dental care and other important pet services!

How does your pet do with his teeth cleanings?

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