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Posted on 04-04-2013

Has Your Pet Been “Skunked”?

veterinary clinic gives tips for deskunking your pet.jpgYour pet has had an altercation with a skunk, and the skunk apparently won. Does this scenario sound familiar? Skunk smell, the bane of many a pet owner, is notoriously noxious and difficult to remove. If your pet is normally an indoor animal, your entire house can inherit the odor unless you cope with problem immediately. Fortunately, here at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic we offer pet services that can help.

Skunks are not aggressive creatures, so they require some extra help defending themselves against other animals. That help comes in the form of a musk that they spray. The resulting stench typically reacts with dampness to grow even stronger, so if you think that merely washing your pet with water will help, think again! Pouring tomato juice over your pet will not help either, despite what you may have heard. The tomato juice temporarily tricks your nose into thinking that the skunk smell has departed, but it cannot actually deodorize.

Skunk spray must be either physically removed or chemically changed. You can employ the former method by bathing your pet in a mixture containing a quart of hydrogen peroxide, a quarter cup of baking soda and a teaspoon of liquid soap, rinsed off with water. If this method does not remove the smell, our Canton veterinarians can chemically alter the skunk musk itself here at our animal hospital. We have access to a special shampoo containing an ingredient called thiotrol; the thiotrol renders any remaining musk odorless.

Grooming and Other Pet Services to Help Eliminate Skunk Smell

Our Canton animal hospital offers comprehensive pet grooming among other services, so bring your smelly pet to us and we will use the correct shampoos and other cleansing methods to correct the problem. If your pet is encountering skunks or other wild animals, you must also make sure his vaccinations are up to date. Let us help keep your pet healthy and odor free!

Did you actually see your pet get "skunked?" Describe the action for our readers!

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