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Posted on 01-11-2013

Pet Nutrition Tips from Our Animal Hospital

animal hospital in Canton gives pet nutrition tips.jpgLeft to fend for themselves, wild animals instinctively seek the foods containing the right nutrients for health. But our domestic pets rely on us to supply the right mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and dietary fiber, which is why dietary counseling is one of the most important pet services we offer here at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic. Here are some basic facts to help you feed your dog or cat correctly:

Cats are not dogs, and vice versa. Dogs can get their nutrition from a surprisingly wide variety of plant and animal sources. Cats, on the other hand, rely heavily on meat. They also need foods with higher water content because they do not get thirsty as often as dogs. Dogs do equally well with either kibble or canned dog food. It is important to note, however, that cat food is too high in protein and taurine to feed to dogs, while a cat fed only dog food will suffer from malnutrition. 

Nutritional needs change over time. Puppies and kittens need extra calories and protein to support their growth and activity levels. Adults generally need fewer meals per day, otherwise they may become overweight. This is especially true in a pet's senior years when activity levels decrease even further.

Reserve your human food for humans. Table scraps are not likely to contain the precise mix of nutrients essential to animal health, and they typically contain excessive fat, sugar or sodium. In addition, small fish or chicken bones could splinter or lodge in your pet's throat, creating an emergency.

Need Pet Nutritional Advice from a Veterinarian?

If you need more information, contact our animal hospital. Our Canton veterinarian can help you choose the right dietary options for your pet's needs, including dietary plans for obese pets that need to slim down. Rely on our pet services for a happy, well-fed family member!

How old is your pet? How much does he currently eat?

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