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Posted on 08-01-2012

Keep Your Canton or Ball Ground Pet Active and Fit

Why is it so important to prevent obesity in your pet? Here are four reasons from our staff at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic:

1. Obesity contributes to organ damage. Excess weight is a contributing factor in kidney failure, liver damage and cardiovascular problems that require Canton veterinarians discuss preventing pet obesityextra care from our Canton veterinarian. Pets can get high blood pressure and diabetes just as humans can, and obesity is a known trigger for these chronic health issues.

2. Obesity increases cancer risk. Extra weight impairs the immune system, which is tasked with destroying pre-cancerous cells before they can grow into full-blown cancer. Obese pets lack this resistance and therefore have a higher risk of cancer than the general pet population -- 50 percent higher, in the case of dogs. While our vet hospital can treat many forms of cancer, prevention makes much more sense.

3. Extra weight means extra joint trouble. The additional strain those extra pounds place on your pet’s joints may put him at a higher risk for soft tissue injuries such as a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). A torn ACL typically requires surgery and other pet services to repair and rehabilitate. Overweight pets are also more prone to degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

4. Your pet may not live a full lifespan. Obese pets live an average of 2.5 years less than the average life expectancy for their respective breeds. No owner wants to lose a beloved family member prematurely due to improper care and feeding. A pet who enjoys a healthy weight level will also enjoy activities more easily and feel better from day to day.

Ask Our Vet Hospital in Canton for Help!

Our Ball Ground and Canton veterinarians will be happy to help your pet lose weight through a smart, healthy wellness plan. The right combination of diet exercise can work wonders. Remember, a slimmer pet is a healthier pet!

What do you do to keep your pet active?

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