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Posted on 07-19-2012

Home Grooming Tips from Our Veterinary Clinic

Grooming not only makes for a cleaner, nicer-smelling dog or cat, but it also provides important health and wellness benefits. Regular bathing and brushing removes irritants that can lead to infection, while regular nail trimming can prevent injury to your pet’s toes (and furniture!). Here are some basic home grooming procedures and techniques from our staff:

Canton veterinarians provide home pet grooming tipsBathing - Always bathe your pet with a mild, pet-friendly shampoo after first brushing his hair gently but thoroughly. Wet him down carefully, then rub the shampoo in and work backwards from the head, rinsing as you go. Take care not to get water or shampoo in your pet’s nose, eyes or ears.

Brushing - Shorthaired pets may only need an occasional going over with a bristle brush and a cloth, but longhaired breeds usually require daily removal of mats and tangles, followed by brushing from head to tail. We can show you proper brushing technique as one of our many pet services.

Face and ear cleaning - Some breeds have faces full of wrinkles or folds, and you need to wash these areas out with a clean, damp cloth on a regular basis. Regular ear cleaning is another important part of your Canton pet grooming routine, because it can help prevent infections and dirt or wax buildup. Use a lightly moistened cotton ball to remove ear wax.

Nail trimming - You may have to accustom your Canton pet to the feeling of having his toes touched before you can trim his nails. Make sure you use a sharp clipper made for trimming animals’ nails and use an angled approach to cut the tips of the nails off. Watch out for the quick, a vein attached to the nail, or you may injure your pet.

Our Animal Hospital Also Grooms!

Supplement your home grooming with professional pet grooming here at Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic. Our skilled staff can spot skin, nail, eye or ear problems and treat them before they get worse.

Does your pet love or hate bathing? Share your tales from the tub!

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