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Posted on 06-08-2012

Keeping Pests Off Your Canton Pet

If your dog or cat scratches himself constantly, pay attention -- it could mean that he is struggling with some unwelcome passengers, namely fleas and ticks. These parasitic creatures attach themselves to your pet and live off of his blood supply. In extreme cases your pet can grow Canton veterinary services include flea and tick dangerously anemic. To make matters worse, these intruders transmit a variety of harmful diseases and/or other parasites. Fleas, for instance, can cause allergic dermatitis and other skin problems, while ticks can spread disabling Lyme disease.

For these reasons, our animal clinic strongly urges pet owners to take preventative measures against fleas and ticks all year long. For pets suffering from flea and tick issues, veterinarians often have to fight these infestations with a constant barrage of dips, sprays, powders and other treatments. The treatments we recommend, however, focus on preventing such infestations from occurring in the first place. These treatments may come in the form of either topical formulas or oral medicines. Some preventative medications kill the adult pests before they can lay eggs, while others prevent the eggs from hatching. We can prescribe monthly rounds of flea and tick preventatives as one of our standard veterinary services. Pet grooming can also prove highly useful for detecting any signs of a potential infestation from the earliest stages, enabling us to stop it in its tracks.

Our Veterinary Clinic Offers Wellness Plans

At Acres Mill Veterinary Clinic, we make it easier than ever for pet owners to protect their pets against fleas and ticks throughout the year. Our pet wellness plans include such essentials for flea and tick prevention as regular checkups, grooming services and preventative medications -- not to mention a host of other important pet services such as Canton pet vaccinations, dental care and more. Choose from the Puppy & Kitten Plan, Adult Plan or Senior Plan and save money while freeing your pet from itching, irritation and pest-borne diseases. Your pet deserves no less!

Have you ever dealt with a major flea or tick infestation on a pet? What treatments worked best?

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